Built-in Ovens


The E series made Wolf precision performance accessible for more cooks. Now three distinct new styles make the E series ideal for more kitchen designs than ever. The new 762mm E series professional double oven features an all-stainless touch control panel, pro-style capped handles and stainless-framed doors – a design meant to coordinate beautifully with similarly-styled Wolf microwaves and warming drawers. Inside the upper oven, dual convection fans and ten cooking modes control heat and airflow more precisely than less sophisticated single-convection systems. Uniform heat throughout the oven and the efficiency of circulating air around the food produce faster, more consistent and more predictably delicious results for your baking, roasting and broiling. The lower oven is a standard, non-convection oven offering four modes (bake, broil, roast and proof).

The oven's single touch control panel with LCD display is a favourite of Wolf chefs for its intuitive usability whether setting the temperature, mode or timer in either oven. Meanwhile, dual interior halogen lights and a large viewing window help you keep tabs on cooking progress without having to disturb your dish by opening the door. Other standard convenience features include self-clean and timed cook settings, along with one full-extension, easy-glide rack and one full-extension, door-glide rack that put even the largest, heaviest dishes safely within reach.


  • ICBDO30TE/S/PH - E Series Transitional Double Oven
  • ICBDO30PE/S/TH - E Series Professional Double Oven


Heat, Airflow, Exactitude. We believe that 180°C should be 180°C everywhere. Most ovens can’t deliver; they have hot and cool spots. Wolf dual convection ovens are dramatically different. Two fans and multiple heating elements control heat and airflow more precisely than less sophisticated single-convection systems. More uniform heat throughout the oven and the efficiency of circulating air around the food produce faster, more consistent, more predictably delicious results for your baking, roasting, and broiling.


Most ovens treat different cooking processes - baking and roasting, a pie or a prime rib - as if they were the same. Far from it. The Wolf dual convection oven offers 10 cooking modes, so every preparation you create gets exactly the heat and airflow it needs for delicious results. Select a mode such as convection roast, enter a temperature with the control knob or keypad, and voila. Deliciousness is on the way...


Delayed start and timed cook settings means that you can prep ahead and serve at the perfect time. Prepare a roast joint or seasonal casserole and place in the oven before you leave for the day – arrive back home to a warming meal, perfectly cooked.


The cleverly engineered and robust hydraulic damper door is designed to support hefty roasts for basting. Three adjustable racks including one full-extension, telescopic easy-glide rack, all offer convenient support when you need it most.


Big windows and dual interior halogen lights give you a true picture. The triple glazed oven door is designed to stay cool to the touch, even during high temperature self cleaning mode, while offering you a clear view of how the contents of your oven are progressing. Twin halogen lights, placed at differing levels within the oven cavity, mean that large dishes and pans will never block out the light.


The striking cobalt blue porcelain oven interior is echoed in the matching full width cobalt blue enamel baking tray, included with every E Series oven. Perfect for trays of cookies, as well as roasted vegetables and potatoes.


How would you like to turn your oven into a bread oven and create homemade artisan loaves? With Wolf's bakestone feature, you can create authentic breads and pizzas using the optional bakestone kit. A ceramic stone draws moisture out of the dough, creating crispy pizza bases and crusty loaves, while the convection fans cycle on and off, resulting in a light texture within the loaf. How about dehydrating your own herbs,mushrooms, fruit or tomatoes? Wolf's dehydrate setting allows you to create healthy, preserved snacks with ease - beetroot crisps, preserved pineapple - the choices are endless.


  • Digital temperature probe signals when your dish is done, precisely as you like it.
  • Drips happen; the bake element is hidden for easier cleanup
  • Standard or flush inset installation
  • .
  • 19mm tubular handle
  • Pyrolitic self cleaning
  • Full width cobalt blue baking tray
  • Bake Stone setting (requires accessory)
  • Dehydration setting (requires accessory)
  • Height: 1280 (mm)
  • Width: 759 (mm)
  • Depth: 603 (mm)
  • Door Clearence: 559 (mm)
  • Energy Class: C
  • Transport Weight: 187 (kg)
  • Heating Elements: Top: 4, Bottom: 2 (Qty)
  • Convection: Dual (top oven)
  • Oven 1 Interior: 636 x 415 x 418 (WxHxD mm)
  • Oven 2 Interior: 636 x 416 x 461 (WxHxD mm)
  • Interior Usable Volume: 111 upper, 122 lower (L)
  • Oven Grill: Yes
  • Electrical Connection: 40 (Amp)
  • Electrical Load: 32 (Amp)
  • Voltage: 220-240 (V)

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