Downdraft Ventilation


Wolf's new Cooktop Downdraft now rises 356mm inches from the countertop to whisk away odours and smoke from the smallest sauté pan to the largest stock pot. Powerful internal, in-line and remote blowers with "boost" mode are available for complete ventilation control. When not in use the downdraft can be closed and hidden from view. For enhanced convenience the downdraft comes with a wired remote control that can be placed up to 2.7 metres away, undercounter, or even tucked away in an adjacent cabinet. Care is made easy with stainless steel mesh filters that are simple to remove and dishwasher safe.

Behind its sculpted lines are countless hours of design-driven, functional thinking. The new downdraft pairs perfectly with all gas cooktops, various sealed burner rangetops, multiple cooktop modules and framed induction and electric cooktops while 762mm, 914mm and 1143mm width options allow for multiple configurations. For island installations, the seamless, stainless steel back provides a clean look from anywhere in the room.


  • ICBDD30 762mm downdraft system
  • ICBDD36 914mm downdraft system
  • ICBDD45 1143mm downdraft system


Control module with LED indicators can be mounted up to 2.7 metres away, either wall or countertop mounted.


Delay-off feature automatically turns unit off, chimney remains up to capture any remaining smoke and odours once you've finished cooking.


Dishwasher-safe stainless steel, mesh filters are easy to remove and replace, with no messy filter papers to change. An indicator lights to tell you when the filters need cleaning.


Three-speed blower control with "boost" feature, whisks away smoke and odours, with a choice of internal or external motors up to 2028 CMH.


  • Blower Options: 900CMH Internal, 1521 and 2028 CMH Remote. Recirculating option available..
  • Internal blowers with a 152mm round discharge (sold seperately)
  • In-line and remote blowers with a 254mm round discharge (sold seperately)
  • Height: 356 (mm)
  • Width: 914 (mm)
  • Depth: 51 (mm)
  • Transport Weight: 36 (kg)
  • Voltage: 220-240 (V)
  • Electrical Load: 3 (Amp)
  • Electrical Connection: 13 (Amp)
  • Round Duct Size Diameter: 152 int./254 ext. (mm)
  • Discharge: Up, down, left, right
  • Max Duct Length Int Motor: 3 (m)
  • Max Duct Length Ext Motor: 8(m)


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