Sealed Burner Rangetops


There’s good reason why professional chefs choose gas cooking - control. The patented, dual-stacked sealed gas burners of our Sealed Burner Rangetop take control to a new level. Two levels, really. The upper-tier ports deliver maximum heat transfer at higher settings; the lower-tier continuous flame ably handles the subtleties of simmering and melting.

Wolf's ICBSRT484F features a versatile 56cm wide cooking surface with varying degrees of temperature, often seen in a professional kitchen - along with four dual stacked sealed gas burners: 3 large burners offer a maximum of 4.6kW, reducing to .3 for simmering and 1 burner at 2.8kW max output, reducing to the merest hint of a flame at .1kW - perfect for melting chocolate without the need of a bain marie, or keepng delicate sauces warm.


  • ICBSRT486C
  • ICBSRT486G
  • ICBSRT484F


All with simmer capabilities and automatic reignition at all settings. True simmer setting on all burners, melt setting on the smallest burner.


Choose from Wolf's signature red control knobs and stainless-finished bezels surrounding each knob, or opt for black or stainless steel.Bezels with stainless steel finish surround all knobs - chrome or brass bezels are optional.


Porcelain-coated, heavy duty, cast iron continuous top grates, makes moving heavy pans a breeze.


Wolf's black enamel seamless burner pans make for easy clean-up, as there are no joins for crumbs and food to collect - just wipe clean.


The 4.6 kW French Top is an optional feature that provides a 56cm cooking surface. The concentric rings allow for the surface to expand with the heat while remaining flat. The rings also provide thermal breaks in the cast iron that distribute the heat in a graduated intensity, hottest in the center and coolest around the edges.


This product, along with many other Sub-Zero & Wolf appliances are certified as Sabbath and holiday-compliant by Star-K Kosher Certification. Certified appliances meet strict religious regulations in conjunction with specific instructions found on


  • Automatic flame re-ignition
  • Individual spark ignition system - only the burner in use will spark.
  • Flame recognition
  • Classic stainless steel exterior finish with island trim.
  • 3 phase compatible
  • Natural or LP gas models
  • Star K certified
  • Height: 216 (mm)
  • Width: 1216 (mm)
  • Depth: 724 (mm)
  • Burners Large: 3 x 0.3-4.6 (kW)
  • Burners Small: 1 x 0.1-2.8 (kW)
  • French Top: 4.6 (kW)
  • Transport Weight: 118 (kg)
  • Voltage: 220-240 (V)
  • Electrical Load: 0.5 (Amp)
  • Electrical Connection: 13 (Amp)

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